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Key Guidelines for Mac Cleanup

A quick , convenient and running operation is a hope of each and every Mac user. Nevertheless , at the time you start working , you see that changes are evidently getting worse . Assuming you experience the same problems , it is high time you make a serious Mac cleaning.

In this article , we`ll advise you on what steps to take to make Mac healthy and free from the odd burden . Below you can find seven most important recommendations for Mac cleanup :

  1. Keep accurate .

Before you change anything in Mac insides, it would be reasonable if you could spend a few minutes to make it tidy outside . Take a look at the cables to make sure they are all necessary , get rid of the dust , and disconnect the odd Mac accessories. Despite being insignificant , the indicated measures will add to your comfort when operating your Mac .

  1. Clean system files and get rid of the trash.

Saying trash, we don`t only speak about the one which is stored in your Trash section . You can find many unnecessary files all round your Mac, and the junk files are actually the most important reason of its slow working.

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The nature of the files can be various: trash created by various apps , junk left from application and programs which have not been fully removed ; interrupted downloads, etc. It is just that these files are not used now and appear to be a heavy burden to the hard drive. To make Mac free from these files, you could endeavor to locate them personally ( that can be really difficult if you are not a professional ) or try to use specially designed Mac cleaning solutions .

  1. Remove backups of mail enclosures.

As usual, you already have all the important attachments stored in a definite place in your folders that is why there is no need to store the mail history located elsewhere . Saved enclosures take enough space as to make it difficult for your Mac to work well . To remove the enclosures , find the Mail Downloads folder and remove the copies . Or , if you already use a Mac OS cleaner, just set it to work .

  1. Detect duplicate files in iTunes and iPhoto sections.

The indicated sections are most likely to have duplicates . Concerning iTunes, it is not difficult to discover these files by working with the Options section in case these files possess the same title and singer`s name. As to iPhoto , locating the copies of photos most of which are located in different folders is hardly an easy task, apart from cases when you have a trusted cleaner .

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In any way , you have to delete the copies ; this process will definitely make your content well organized and your computer more productive.

  1. Destroy the corrupted files.

Among them, there can possibly be : files damaged by virus programs , damaged files that won`t work, interrupted downloads, etc. Despite their previous importance, the damaged files are not useful right now, thus why should you keep them?

  1. Remove the temporary Internet files .

All people who have an access to the Web have cache files kept on their computers . Deleting the disk parts which contain these files will have an astonishing result on Mac overall level of activity and, additionally, taking this step will help to get an extra space .

  1. Stay regular .

Scanning the system once in a lifetime is not a good idea . There is an idea provided by automatic cleaners` designers that a systematic cleanup must happen once a week . Nevertheless , it too much depends on what you have your Mac for and whether you are a careful user. The most reasonable advice will be “to clean as soon as it gets dirty ”. Some top rated cleaning solutions give users a possibility to monitor system operation, to identify problems beforehand, and to clean your Mac when it becomes needed .

It is without doubt that following the described measures is a way too easier in case you have an automatic Mac cleaner, but it is worth saying that Mac cleaners can be very different. To gain a true advantage from the  Mac cleaning and to reach the excellent hard drive operation, it is better to limit your selection to highly developed and experienced solutions , such as CleanMyMac 3. Being the third version of trustworthy Mac cleaner in the field , CleanMyMac 3 has useful features for quick and convenient cleanup : this Mac cleaner needs just a least possible attention from user`s side ; it is smart and it can discover which files can be safely deleted ; and it is non-complicated .

If you value your time and don`t want to waste it on personal manual cleanup, take the trusted cleaner and bring your Mac performance to the top .

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